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Home gyms are gaining popularity because people are becoming increasingly busy yet still want to stay in shape and prevent weight gain. Many Americans’ schedules are so tightly packed that even the short amount of time it takes to drive to a local gym is too much time to be wasted. As a result, people are turning to home gyms for added convenience and time efficiency.

Many stay-at-home moms appreciate home gyms because they allow them to complete their workouts and watch their children at the same time, thereby eliminating the need for baby-sitters or daycare. Other people prefer home gyms because of the privacy and anonymity they offer. When many people who are overweight or out of shape first start working out, they often feel self-conscious and stressed when in a crowded gym setting. Home gyms offer greater comfort and less pressure because you can move at your own speed without anyone watching you.

Home Gyms: Some Considerations

If you are interested in home gyms, you should know that you have many different options from which you can choose. Home gyms is a broad category that can refer to a piece (or pieces) of equipment that actually help you simulate what is offered at a gym or to only one particular part of a gym, such as a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical machine. Choosing which type of equipment you want to buy ultimately depends on your personal workout needs. If you are interested in muscle tone, bulking up, or building strength, you should consider a weight machine that allows you to do a variety of exercises with resistance weights and bar weights. There are many that require only as much space as a large entertainment center, so you do not have to devote an entire room to your "gym" as long as you have some available space.

If you do not want to worry about adding or removing weights or have concerns about safety considerations if you will primarily be working out alone, consider home gym setups like the BowFlex machine. Because these types of strength building machines are resistance-based, you do not have to worry about strain placed on your body from jerky movements or about falling weights or weights that are too heavy. These machines also have the added benefit of being adaptable for a range of body sizes and weight-lifting abilities.

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